Silentor is exclusive sales partner in Denmark, and supplier of TermoRens products from the Norwegian producer TermoRens.

What is TermoRens?

  • TermoRens is an environmentally friendly cleaning liquid that removes all types of internal coating and ensures full effect of all types of water-based pipe systems and installations.
  • TermoRens consists of a concentrate, based on citric acid and phosphoric acid and an inhibitor, which is dosed into the system, where it is mixed with the water in a ratio of 10/90 or 20/80 percent.
  • Within 24 hours, TermoRens breaks down all types of coating, including bacteria, rust, lime, humus and other organic residues.
  • After 24 hours, the system is flushed through until you have the desired water quality.
  • LegioTerm is a method for purifying water, based on anodic oxidation, which removes biofilm and legionella bacteria in pipelines and tanks.
  • The system requires no addition of chlorine dioxide, copper, silver or other biocides.
  • LegioTerm consists of an oxidation chamber that is mounted on the incoming pipe system. The oxidation chamber contains a series of platinum-coated titanium plates.
  • LegioTerm was introduced on the Norwegian market in 2019 and is typically used in larger constructions and facilities.

We have TermoRens and TermoRens GEL in stock in Frederikshavn.

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